The Best Event Color Schemes for Each Person

Perhaps the most fun part of planning any event is picking out a color scheme! It sets the tone for every other decoration and decision surrounding the event. At The Fennec, we are all about helping you express yourself throughout your special day in ways big and small — from the event space, complete food & beverage, tables, chairs, linens, valet, to audio visual — our on-site events team works to make it all special. Our preferred vendors enjoy helping you get just the right look and feel for the celebration.

Picking a color palette is a foundational choice and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Color choices are important when it comes to setting the tone for the event and expressing your personality in your wedding reception. You can see the event coordinator’s skill and creativity in incorporating your choices in the decorations — making the event that much more special. Obviously, it is important to get your color scheme just right! 


Sparks Cake

Pastel Rainbow

Right now, pastels are IN! And it looks fabulous as a color scheme. There are so many different ways to go about this, but the best way to show your personality is to pick colors from all over the color wheel! This could mean doing pastel greens, yellows, blues, and pinks! You can mix all sorts of colors together. Because they are pastel, it is easier to mix and match and no color will outshine another. It is the perfect way to incorporate a rainbow into your event. Having multiple colors to choose from will also help picking decorations such as table cloths, napkins, and centerpieces much easier as there is a bigger selection!


Tan, Beige, Yellow, and Greens

One of the most natural looking color schemes that you can pick for an event uses tan, beige, and various greens. This color scheme is not in your face and gives a very relaxed vibe to the entire event. It is absolutely beautiful, and most of the decorations for this event are usually straight from a garden. You can fill a room with beautiful plants and vines, with stunning bouquets and soft colored napkins and tablecloths. It would be a fun way to show off a sunny personality and bright environment. 

Hodges Reception


Blue and White

Paris themed setting
Photo by Steve Steinhardt; Planning & Design by Beth Helmstetter Events; From Real Event: Parisian-Inspired Bridal Shower in Southern California
Photo by Jose Villa Photography; Planning & Design by Posh Parties Palm Beach; From Real Wedding: Opulent Destination Wedding with Luxe Tropical Décor in Palm Beach

Blue and white look absolutely stunning together. It invokes beautiful feelings as the blue stands out well from the white. They contrast very beautifully and allow for intimate details to stand out. With blue and white, you can have incredible patterns which are incredibly eye-catching. Using this color scheme on plates and name cards creates beautiful photos and aesthetics.  Blue and White are classic colors and the pictures from your event will be timeless and classy. These colors are the perfect mixture of strong blue and soft white with their contrast and allow for some really creative decorations!


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