Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

Wedding invitations are beyond important in making your wedding day as special as possible! This is how you communicate with all of your guests and friends about your wedding. These invitations need to be as memorable as possible so your guests will remember all of the details. Many couples have fun with these items and incorporate elements of their personalities in their invitations. Below are some unique ideas for invitations to have some fun with announcing your big day officially!


Instead of using actual photos, you can include illustrations in your invitations! This could include fun sketches of the bride and groom dancing together, or you could include a painting of the venue, the cake, or the bouquets! This allows for guests to get a little sneak peak of the wedding before they even get there! Picking out a certain art style can help show a couple’s personality. Maybe even, if one of the couple is artistic, they could draw the illustrations themselves! This is especially inviting and intimate and so much fun for the guests!


By putting your invitations on a magnet, no one will ever be able to lose your Save the Date! Everyone can throw your invitation onto their refrigerator and will see a reminder of your wedding every day and at every meal! It will boost excitement for your day and they will be reminded that they get to celebrate your love very soon! 

Baby Photos

Perhaps one of the most fun ideas comes in using photos of the couple when they were babies! This can be so cute and hilarious! Using these photos will remind your guests that you and your soon to be spouse are meant to be together. You are tying together two beautiful lives and the people who love you will want a reminder of this. Many of the people that you invite may have seen one or the other of you in different parts of your lives and have supported you. It will be a reminder of their contribution to your life and success.


If you’re a puzzle lover and your guests will be up for a bit of a challenge, you should order your wedding invitations as little puzzles. It is a fun way to engage with the invitation and it will bring everyone together to assemble your invitation! It will bring excitement and joy to your guests and they will be able to reassemble whenever they would like! You can include paper wedding invitations as well, to act as a guide for the puzzle.

Our event staff and preferred planners and vendors are full of ideas for all aspects of your wedding. If you would like a tour of The Fennec event spaces, give us a call. We’d be happy to show you around and help you get ideas for your big event.

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