Wedding Reception Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding Reception Do’s and Don’ts

Wedding receptions are the most fun part of the wedding process! This is the large or small party where you and your spouse get to celebrate the joining of two families with members of extended family and friends! It’s easy to worry about the details, but we have a few do’s and don’ts suggestions to help you enjoy your special reception. These suggestions come from our experience at The Fennec of planning and hosting wedding events large and small. 

Do Get Another Dress

The wedding reception is the time for you to take the weight off of your back from all the work that went into planning your wedding! This can be metaphorical and literal — by shedding your wedding dress and switching out for a fun and light reception dress! This dress will allow you to dance without worrying about moving around! This dress can be a shorter or simplified version of your wedding dress, but it may be fun to wear a white dress with a unique feature! 

Do Have Fun Decorations

The reception is for you! This means your style and personality should shine through. Brainstorming with your spouse, you can add some unique touches into this reception! Whether it is thrifted picture frames with pictures from your relationship, or the covers of your favorite albums, these fun decorations will be the highlight of your night and everyone will be talking about them for a very long time! Consider displaying photos of each side of the family and pictures of bride and groom as children for that ‘Ahh, that is so sweet’ reaction. Our specialists can help you with ideas and what works well in your situation.

Don’t Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

This is probably the most important tip we can give! When you change into your reception dress, make sure that your shoes are comfortable too! You are going to be on your feet ALL NIGHT! You’re going to be dancing, walking around talking to your guests, and leaving with your lover at the end of the night! The last thing you want to remember about the happiest night of your life is excruciating foot pain! Try on lots of different types of shoes and make sure they are broken in before the party!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

It is always easy to miss what is going on right in front of you, but remember that this reception is full of people who love you and want to celebrate you. You are going to have the time of your life. Do not forget to enjoy this! Listen to your favorite songs, dance with your favorite cousins, laugh at the groomsmen jokes! This is your night, so do not forget to have fun and make memories for a lifetime.

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