Hosting a Successful Charity Event

Charity events can be hard to plan, as there is so much that you want to turn out right! Making sure this event goes off without a hitch will benefit all involved — from the event planners to the attendees and beneficiaries — so it is important to nail down the details beforehand! Here at The Fennec, we have gotten pretty good at hosting these charity events, and we’ve assembled a few tips to help you run a successful event! Below are a few different examples of events that we find to be incredibly successful!


Silent Auctions

We find that silent auctions are really exciting and help raise money in a simple way. There are many people who would be willing to donate art, experiences, food, gift cards for a good cause! These can be set up around your event space with the beautiful decorations. Just add bid lists, and the work is done! Encourage your guests to enter these auctions, as they enjoy the event space. We find that these silent auctions make for good entertainment before meals and speakers!


Meals with Donors

Many donors are really engaged with your charity already, but they are probably itching to stay involved. Many non-profits host annual events that provide updates to their donors on the charity’s progress. Your donors will be elated to meet with the organizers and fellow donors in the name of a good cause! By showing how this money is benefiting the community, your donors will be more inclined to continue investing in your work! These events usually include speakers who can share their testament and stories as your guests dine, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner! You can also show your work through pictures and videos of all the good that your non-profit has done over the year! It helps build a strong community between your company and your supporters as they eat together and join in fellowship!



A gala can be an extraordinary event for your donors to attend. By adding glamor to your night, it is emphasized how important your charity is! This event is incredibly similar to organized meals with your donors as networking is taking place, but a gala takes it to another step! These events usually provide a bit more entertainment, sometimes with a live band. By ramping up the gala, your donors know that your company means business and is invested in their charity. By selling seats to an incredible night, you are sure to raise money and invite more people into this community. Guests will be inclined to stay connected with your non-profit if they enjoy this gala, and will look forward to the next event you host! 


One of our favorite things about all of the events listed above, is that they can be mixed and matched as needed. It is incredibly convenient to have silent auctions added to any event that you host, but it is also a great foundation to build an event around. Intimate meals can build community and relationships with guests and recurring donors as they witness how their contributions aid others! Galas allow for a lively and exciting night that is worth buying tickets to, as donors enjoy themselves and help others in the process.


The Fennec has hosted all three types of these charity events, and more. We are more than happy to aid in any planning process as you look for the perfect space to host an event!

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