The Benefits of Offsite Meetings

Whether you lead a large or small group of people, meetings are one of the best ways to unite your team under a common goal. Most of the time, these meetings have specific goals and motives. There are different ways to go about holding the meetings to accomplish these objectives. Of course we are all familiar with virtual meetings and teleconferences, but 85% of corporate executives consider these types of meetings to be less effective than meeting in person

There are benefits to hosting events offsite that you may not have considered before. Intangibles such as morale, engagement, human factors, visual cues, and inspiration from an offsite meeting can all contribute to your corporate culture. In fact, 46% of individuals in a survey said that company events help boost motivation and provide them with a better alignment and vision of company goals

Offsite meetings also strengthen company culture by building connections and collaboration that may not have occurred in the office. Employee ratings of work environment, collaboration and value alignment are 20% higher at organizations that have strong cultures. There are fewer distractions in an offsite setting so that focus remains on the subject or purpose of the meeting. 

In light of these stats and your end goals, you may wonder where to host an offsite meeting to optimize the time spent away from the office. Below are 3 examples of the productive use of offsite venues to maximize value and accomplish goals within an organization. No doubt you have attended or planned other successful types of offsite events, but if you have not, our events team can help.


 Corporate Events at The FennecKick-off Meetings

An offsite meeting is a fantastic way to debut large projects and undertakings that your team is about to embark on. By taking these events offsite, you emphasize the importance and value of these projects. The intentionality of meeting in a new setting really shows employees that this effort is important and will require a team effort! It makes a new chapter even more awesome as you celebrate this endeavor.


Celebrating Successes

Every company has goals to meet every year or quarter. These milestones or benchmarks need to be well communicated and established to each team member so that everyone works toward the same shared goal. By hosting offsite meetings to celebrate the successes of the last period, the team will be more engaged and excited to reach the next big goal. By making these offsite celebrations recurring events, your employees have something to look forward to and this will motivate them to work even harder than they already do!


Team Building

Studies have found that highly engaged work environments experience a 10% increase in customer ratings and a 20% increase in sales. With 81% of business leaders believing that hybrid work will be the main working model in 2024 and beyond, building relationships between co-workers is incredibly important. Taking your employees to a different location might be just the ticket for new relationships and collaborations to bloom. It is a way for team members to open up and see their coworkers in a new light. Whether this event is a meal, a board game tournament, or a holiday party, these types of offsite meetings encourage better work environments in the long run. 


The Fennec is a full-featured and convenient place to host offsite events near Railroad Park in Birmingham. We hope you’ll consider The Fennec for any offsite corporate or non-profit meetings you are planning. Our events team can help you plan and execute any type of offsite event for whatever goals you want to accomplish. Our spaces are equipped with full audio visual and we can accommodate a variety of meeting formats and crowd sizes. Our team is here to help you achieve your goals! Give us a call at 205-994-9284 to start a conversation.

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