Why Choose The Fennec for Your Next Event? Insights from Our Team

Ramona Holley, Event Sales Manager, The Fennec
Ramona Holley, Event Sales Manager

Planning an event can be intimidating, but with the right team by your side, it can also be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. At The Fennec, our ultimate goal is to make your event successful and memorable. We spoke with Ramona Holley, our Event Sales Manager, to learn more about the personal touch we bring to every event we host.  Here are her insights on working with clients and what sets The Fennec apart.

What is the first step when responding to a potential client’s inquiry at The Fennec? 

“Upon receiving a client inquiry,” Ramona begins, “my initial step is to engage deeply to capture their vision. When responding to a potential client, I aim to gather as much information as possible. I want to understand what they envision for their event, down to every detail, while being mindful of their budget.” She emphasizes the across-the-board approach The Fennec takes: “It’s not just about booking an event; it’s about making the client fall in love with what The Fennec can uniquely provide—from the aesthetics and outstanding food to superior service. We aim to instill confidence in our clients that we can bring their vision to life with sophistication and passion.”

During the planning and execution of an event, what motivates the team at The Fennec?

Ramona shares her passion for client satisfaction, “Our team is driven by the desire to fulfill the client’s vision as they have imagined it. Our focus and motivation are to meet each client’s needs and ensure their vision is perfectly accomplished.” She details the commitment of the team: “We want our clients to feel that they had a wonderful event, supported by clear, consistent communication from our team.  Our commitment is to be there for them at every step, ensuring the entire process is seamless and enjoyable.”

What is the most gratifying part of working at The Fennec? 

Reflecting on the rewards of her role, Ramona expresses, “The most gratifying aspect of my job here at The Fennec is seeing our events executed exactly as our customers have envisioned. Knowing that our efforts lead to their happiness and foster further recommendations is incredibly rewarding.” She concludes with a smile, “A happy customer who shares their positive experience is the best affirmation of our hard work.”

To further illustrate the exceptional experiences and impact our team can have on your special day, here are some heartfelt thank-you notes from our past clients. These testimonials reflect our team’s creativity, capability, and dedication, highlighting why The Fennec should be your top choice for any event.

At The Fennec, we are proud to be recognized for our experience, capability, creativity, and intense focus on client satisfaction. If you’re planning an event, we would love to hear from you and discuss how we can make your occasion as spectacular as you envision it.

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