So You Want to Plan an Event? Here’s a Brief FAQ to Get You Started.

Event planning at The Fennec

Regardless of the type of event, we know how much goes into making it perfect. We talked to Ashley Carraway, The Fennec Events Manager, and asked a few questions on what planning an event with our team is like! She gave us great feedback and addresses most of our client’s main concerns in this brief FAQ!

The Benefits of Offsite Meetings

Off-site Meetings

Whether you lead a large or small group of people, meetings are one of the best ways to unite your team under a common goal. Most of the time, these meetings have specific goals and motives. There are different ways to go about holding the meetings to accomplish these objectives. Of course we are all familiar with virtual meetings and teleconferences, but 85% of corporate executives consider these types of meetings to be less effective than meeting in person. An offsite meeting at The Fennec may be just the ticket to motivate and inspire your team.

Hosting a Successful Charity Event

Fashion Show

At The Fennec, we have gotten pretty good at hosting various types of charity events, and we’ve assembled a few tips to help you run a successful event!

Special Wedding Favors for your Guests!

wedding favors

If you want your wedding to be memorable, one of the best ways to make sure that your guests never forget your amazing night is to hand out wedding flavors! There are so many little useful and memorable items to hand out that will match your theme, colors, and style. A list below is a few that we’ve seen and loved.

Let’s Host a Corporate Event!

Corporate Events at The Fennec

Hosting a corporate event can be an essential part of growing a business. The event can showcase the best people and the best parts of your company. Your corporate event can help build connections and relationships in the form of an educational seminar, symposium, or workshop. The event may be essential to be the next […]

Wedding Reception Do’s and Don’ts

wedding reception do's and don'ts

It’s easy to worry about the details, but we have a few do’s and don’ts to suggest to help you enjoy your special reception. These suggestions come from our experience at The Fennec of planning and hosting wedding events large and small. 

A Special Baby Shower at the Fennec

baby booties

At The Fennec we know how special baby showers can be for friends and family to help celebrate this family milestone. Let us help you plan a wonderful event, no matter the size or purpose, our specialists are here to make the process easier and fun.

The Social – Event Space for Your Occasion

The Social

It’s not every day that you get to hold an extravagant event! But when that day comes along, whether you’re hosting a gala, a wedding, or any number of occasions, you want the venue to be absolutely perfect. Here at The Fennec in downtown Birmingham, we have that perfect venue.   You can rent out […]

Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are beyond important in making your wedding day as special as possible! This is how you communicate with all of your guests and friends about your wedding. These invitations need to be as memorable as possible so your guests will remember all of the details. Many couples have fun with these items and […]

The Best Event Color Schemes for Each Person

Pastel Wedding

Perhaps the most fun part of planning any event is picking out a color scheme! It sets the tone for every other decoration and decision surrounding the event. At The Fennec, we are all about helping you express yourself throughout your special day in ways big and small — from the event space, complete food […]

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